Bird drone against birdstrikes

Bird drone, a new way of bird control

november 15, 2018

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Make use of a state of the art bird drone when it comes to bird control. There is little as dangerous to the world of aviation then birds. This of course is extremely ironic considering that these animals are perhaps our greatest inspiration when it comes to flying. Many people immediately think of aviation when thinking about problems caused by birds. And they are not wrong. However there are many more industries which have to deal with this problem in one way or another. From the agricultural sector tot for example waste management sites.  Problems that have been going on for a long time but only recently have been given a proper solution. A solution that involves a bird drone.

We at Clear Flight Solutions have developed our own bird drone. An example of utilising modern technologies but also making use of a deep understanding of birds and how they behave. We can offer a solution to most if not all problems caused by flocks of these animals. We do this by using our bird drone we developed ourselves and in conjecture with our understanding of birds. We don’t offer a temporary solutions but always try to find a permanently resolve the problem or at least try to find the most effective way of solving your problem.

Not just any bird drone

There are many examples when looking for problems caused by these flying animals. There are many ways you could handle these problems but it is not just a matter of dealing with it as permanently as possible. Most people would agree that our environment is extremely important and should be protected as much as possible. For this reason among others we have created our bird drone. It gives us a way of dealing with birds without harming them. A perfect example would be the use of our bird drone in the vicinity of wind mills. This new form of generating energy has been created to give us a way to do so without harming the environment. However a very negative effect of these mills is that birds fly against them and die. This is where we come in.

A permanent fix

As in the given example but also in general the first step we take is figuring out what kind of birds we are dealing with. By studying this we learn a lot of important information. Not what kind of birds but also when they fly by and factors concerning their behaviour. We use these realisations to put our bird drone to full effect. We are taking about our Robird®. These drones look and fly exactly as their real live counterparts. We are taking about the peregrine falcon and the eagle. Two birds of prey which together represent the main predators of all birds that need to be dealt with. By understanding the behaviour of the birds which are causing the problems. In this way we can figure out when to make use of our bird drone. This way we don’t just scare of the birds but we in fact teach them to change their course, permanently.

We can help you as well with our bird drone

The bird drone to prevent birdstrikes that we have developed is not for sale. But we like to show them off. You can find more information about this and much more on our website. What problems do you face concerning birds? Changes are we will find a proper solution for you. All you have to do is contact us. For more information you can contact us.